7 Cozy Living Rooms

Since the living room is where family spends quality time talking, watching television and entertaining family and friends, it is an important space in the home that gets used often. Therefore, it is essential that you create a space that meets your lifestyle needs and is decorated with personal items that helps you feel connected to the space.

1. Freedom Lodge Pearson Design Group

An open plan living room featuring soaring ceilings and a beautiful seating arrangement around a dual sided stone fireplace, the focal point of the room. A hanging swing adds a playful touch to this space. Plush sofas offers family and guests a cozy spot to enjoy a roaring fire.

Freedom Lodge Pearson Design Group

2. Hilltop Guesthouse Sanctuary Julie Hawkins Design

Overall, this property serves as a gathering place for extended family members to spend time together. The design team was tasked with creating spaces with a sense of intimacy, yet with a strong sense of place. The living room is the main gathering space, centered around an exquisite, floor-to-ceiling concrete and custom plaster finish fireplace surround.

Hilltop Guesthouse Sanctuary Julie Hawkins Design

3. Modern Beach House Workshop APD

The architect applied a layering of textures, pattern and color to give this home its modern interpretation of a beach house. The living room is the family gathering spot of the home, so the idea was to make this space more dramatic and sophisticated then the rest of the interiors. To give it it’s stand out appeal, the design team vaulted the ceiling with exposed white oak beams and finished it with a custom plaster.

Modern Beach House Workshop APD

4. Transitional Style Home Frankel Building Group

This inspiring two story, transitional style home can best be described as warm, cozy and inviting designed by Frankel Building Group, located in North Houston, Texas. This elegant home is ideally located in the master planned community of The Woodlands Reserve. This is described a newly developed, gated community in the lovely Village of Indian Springs, an established village in The Woodlands.

Transitional Style Home Frankel Building Group

5. Seaside Cave House

This unique cave house features organic architecture and mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea from almost every room. From the curvaceous white plaster walls and quirky design features, there is plenty to admire throughout. This home seems to be in perfect harmony with its surrounding environment, nestled between mountain and sea. The outdoor beauty and ruggedness that surrounds this home seems to compliment what is found on the interior.

Seaside Cave House

6. Modern Rustic Rocky Mountain Hideaway

This impressive living room features a fireplace as its focal point, with a floor-to-ceiling surround of stacked stone. Stacked logs creates a unique, rustic aesthetic to this space, while helping to infuse warmth. A wall of retractable glass helps blur the boundaries between indoors and out. While an outdoor deck offers a sculptural fire pit to be enjoyed while sitting on a mounted ski lift. Loving the soaring, wood clad ceilings and concrete flooring!

Modern Rustic Rocky Mountain Hideaway

7. Orcas Island Retreat Peter Stoner Architects

This stunning Orcas Island retreat offers a tranquil atmosphere both indoors and out to enjoy holidays and long weekend getaways. Expansive outdoor spaces provides ample opportunity to entertain guests in style, complete with a large swimming pool and pool house. Warm and cozy living spaces dressed in a neutral color palette helps to not detract from the incredible views that surrounds the home.

Orcas Island Retreat Peter Stoner Architects

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