8 Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

When designing a small master bedroom, it forces us to be more creative, since there are fewer options for furniture placement and accessorizing your space. Small bedrooms can be difficult to design for, especially if you are not wishing for symmetry or the matchy-matchy aesthetic.

So we have gathered together a collection of master bedroom retreats that will help you get inspired on your own bedroom design.

Have a look below for some great tips and ideas!

1. This serene bedroom is in tight quarters, with only 30″ between the bed and the sliding closet door. Next to the bed is a simple mirrored finish side table. This works great for opening up the space and reflecting / adding additional light. The accent wall features Clarke and Clarke Wallpaper in the pattern Augustus and the colorway is Smoke (you can find it at Home Depot). The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Seashell. (via LUX Design)

Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

2. This Chicago condo features a master bedroom with floor-to-ceiling book shelves comprised of painted maple, doubling as storage. The built-ins creates a visually pleasing focal point surrounding the headboard. This bed was sourced from Ethan Allen, it’s the Jensen headboard and rails. In front of the bed are the Xanadu benches also from Ethan Allen. (via Normandy Remodeling)

Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

3. When your space is small, try creating an accent wall like this clean and crisp master bedroom features. This white stone wall feature can be emulated by installing ErthCoverings Ledgestone panels or Stone Selex Quartzite panels. Additional highlights to this space includes custom woodwork such as the floating nightstands and dramatic accent lighting. (via Paul Lafrance Design)

Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

4. A minimal Scandinavian style bedroom can feel cozy when you have limited space. This room features a limited palette of black, white and gray. Plants adds a nice touch of green to the space. (via Kronfoto)

Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

5. If you live in a studio apartment, where your master bedroom shares your living room, than this unfolding bed is the perfect solution. The area rug is from Habitat. (via Black and Milk)

Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

6. In a Cape Cod Farmhouse is this shabby chic style, cozy master bedroom retreat. The use of mirrors on either side of the bed not only act as art, they also help to reflect light making the area feel more spacious. (via Cathy Kert Interiors)

Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

7. To decorate this long, narrow master bedroom, the designer used accessories in shapes that go against the linear grain. Circular elements will help to make the space appear wider. Do not use stripes, as it will only enhance the narrowness of the space. (via Henry Woide Photography)

Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

8. This master bedroom in a tight attic space took advantage of built-ins for functional storage. If you have a slanted ceiling like above, you can have the legs of the headboard cut down to make it fit. Another option is to go to an upholsterer, select a fabric and have them custom design one to fit your space. (via Wilding & Wolfe)

Small Cozy Master Bedroom Retreats

Tips: In a small bedroom, you may have no other choice but to place your bed in front of a window. If this is the case, consider creating a nice focal point with your headboard and window treatments. A bed in front of the window can look fantastic, as long as the headboard does not block the entire window — try to keep to centered.

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